When Does The Season Run?

start weekend: saturday & sunday september 19 & 20 (2020)
final weekend: saturday & sunday july 17 & 18 (2021)

(please note: we are running all the way through the summer term to catch up on sessions lost to lockdowns)

u5s/reception saturdays 10-11am / sundays 9-10am – currently spaces both days. please contact us if you wish to try our taster sessions.

u6s/y1 saturdays 9-10am (*this group currently full*) / sundays 9-10am (spaces). please contact us if you wish to try our taster sessions.

u7s/y2 these sessions are currently full. email us for more info. when spaces are limited, priority is given to children whose parents may be in a position to offer volunteer help to the club.


Girls’ Sessions
: join us at Score Coaching ‘Rushcliffe Wildcats’

Sundays 9-10am:
u5/6 (reception & year one).
u7/8 (years two & three).

Currently spaces in both groups.

Please contact us below for more info or if you’d like to try a taster session.

contact us

At What Age Can You Join Colts?

Our usual entry point for children coincides with when children start school, ie in the majority of cases the September after they have turned 4. These children will form our u5s group. We do give 4 year old pre-schoolers the opportunity to do taster sessions, and if at the end of these the parents & coaches agree the sessions are suitable for the child and s/he is responding well to instruction and likes the environment, then they can join the u5s group (please note they then stay in the u5s when starting school).

What Gear Does My Child Need?

We ask that parents take responsibility for their child arriving in clothing that is appropriate for both the weather conditions; and for taking part in sporting activity. In colder weather, it is better for a child to come layered up and remove layers as they get warmed up, rather than in too few layers.

Waterproof coats are recommended during the winter months; gloves / hats when it is especially cold; equally sun screen is recommended on very sunny days. Trainers or boots with rubber / moulded studs should be worn at Nottingham Football Centre (no metal studs). We ask that ALL players wear shinpads at every session.

For the u5-6 and mini girls coaching sessions, given the all-weather pitches we use, our rule of thumb is that as long as temperatures remain above freezing, we run the sessions (only snow may stop the pitches being usable). HOWEVER we fully understand if some children choose to miss a session in poor weather – it does NOT put their place in the group in jeopardy! If they are keen to come, great – we’ll do our bit with a fast paced session that keeps them moving; please do yours by ensuing they’re layered up and have gloves! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR UPDATES!

For u7 matches, when weather is poor, please look out for messages from your group admin, who will be liaising with coaches, opponents and sites.

What Is the Cost?

Mini Colts attendees are entitled to attend 2 x free taster sessions before committing to any payments. After this, due to the demand for places, we ask for block payments in instalments (this works out at approx. £5 per session).

The Wildcats girls sessions are £4 / pay on the day

What Are Mini Colts Age Groups?

u5-u6 (reception – year 1) for boys / u5-u8 (reception – year 3) for girls

We also liaise with the u7 (year 2) boys section and u8-9 girls section

How Do Age Groups Work?

U5s & U6s & Mini Girls (u5-8):  weekly coaching sessions

…all sessions at Nottingham Football Centre behind Rushcliffe School, Boundary Road NG2 7BW

U7s & U8s on both Sats & Suns and U8 girls(Suns) train on week nights, and play friendly matches every weekend. These matches are always in the morning, but times can vary, so it is not recommended to have another regular activity for your child during the morning.

Standard week night training time is 6-7pm at various local venues.

How Can I Help?

Whilst score coaching runs the u5/6 soccer school, as well as coaching the children, part of our brief is to encourage parental volunteers to help with both coaching and admin duties. From u7 onwards and the start of regular weekend matches / week night training, WBCFC teams are all volunteer run. Thus whilst the children are with the soccer school, we actively encourage parental help, and provide ongoing mentoring for potential parental coaches / administrators.

if you are potentially interested in helping on either the coaching or admin side, please don’t be shy, let us know by emailing us, or speak to one of our coaches at a session. Both the club and Score Coaching are there to mentor you and help every step of the way – no one is thrown in the deep end. The earlier we can get you involved, the better.

contact us

Can We Just Turn Up/Is There A Waiting List?

We would ask that you don’t just turn up unannounced at a session, but contact us in advance via email. Some sections are full, and there’s nothing worse than a child turning up excited about playing only to be told they can’t (when this does happen we will normally let the child join in on that day rather than send them home – but if we are full and have started a waiting list, they will then have to go on that list, so will still experience disappointment having had a taste of the sessions).


We are continually taking on board both general government advice and more football-specific FA guidelines to ensure all sessions we run remain Covid-compliant. See here for our latest guidance.

Regatta Way, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5AT

This is where the vast majority of our u8 fixtures. Primarily 10am kick offs. Please use overflow car park. No dogs allowed. Hot & cold drinks, sweets, bacon / sausage cobs* on sale in Clubhouse. 

Nottingham Football Centre, behind Rushcliffe School, Boundary Road NG2 7BY

This is where our u5 / u6 / mini girls soccer schools take place, as well as the majority of our u7 fixtures. Full clubhouse facilities available.